Baby Milk Bath Session

Jayla | Baby Milk Bath Session

May 14

Baby Milk Bath Session

I haven’t blogged any of my sessions in Months and I’m excited to get this Baby Milk Bath Session up finally! I had a few problems awhile ago with my blog and I was in the middle of designing a new website. So I decided to push blogging until I finished up my website and updated my blog. The good news is, I will be trying to get some blogging done in the next while and catching up on my sessions. YAY!

I thought I would start with this Baby Milk Bath Session today. This is actually of my adorable little niece. I had only done one milk bath session awhile ago and it was a Maternity Milk Bath Session. We thought it was the coolest thing and wanted to try another one. I decided the perfect model for this type of session to try would be my niece. Plus she absolutely loves the water and bath time! We got the bath ready and then lowered her in. She looked a little shocked but only because we were leaning over the tub staring at her. I’m sure she was wondering why we were all just staring at her because I’m sure that doesn’t happen at normal bath time. It ended up working out better then what I was expecting. She grasped her hands together and just hung out in the bath. Her mom was right by the tub and sometimes she would start to turn, and we would just push her back.

You’ll notice her tongue is out for the majority of the photos. Well once she got a little drop of the water, she tried to get a little more. Which ended up making for some super cute photos too. Check out a few of my favorite images below from this Baby Milk Bath Session!!

Baby Milk Bath Session Baby Milk Bath Session Baby Milk Bath Session Baby Milk Bath Session Baby Milk Bath Session Baby Milk Bath Session Baby Milk Bath Session Baby Milk Bath Session

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