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Jul 2

Canmore Wedding Planner

Business Name: Signature Weddings By Ashley



Ashley is a Canmore Wedding Planner and probably one of the best in the area. She happens to also be my cousin too! It was only fitting to feature her business up on my blog for a Vendor Feature. We have worked together at weddings and I love seeing her designs at a wedding because they are always gorgeous. I put a little more info about her business below for you all to check out!

Canmore Wedding Planner

How did you get started becoming a wedding planner?

I did an internship through my high school to get some job experience and then found a position with that company after I completed the internship. I worked there for 4 years before purchasing the company in 2011.   

Canmore Wedding Planner

Why should couples hire a wedding planner?

A lot of the time couples don’t know how much of a time commitment it is to plan a wedding. Hiring a planner helps still make the process fun and not a second job. You have someone to bounce ideas off of that knows the area, vendors and tricks the save money. 

The main thing is to enjoy your wedding day without the couple, family or friends lifting finger. 

Canmore Wedding Planner


Who typically ends up hiring a planner?

All types of couples! Mostly people who don’t know the area and need some guidance with someone local.    

How do you get the ideas out of brides so that they describe to you effectively their vision for the wedding day?

Pinterest would be the most helpful tool! It helps them describe what they are looking for. 

Canmore Wedding Planner

Can you tell me about the types of wedding planning packages available to couples?

I offer full planning, coordination, elopements, vow renewals, and decor & design services 

Do you have any quick-fire tips for brides and grooms planning their wedding?

Try not to do everything at once. Make a checklist and only book 2-3 vendors at a time. Also, try and enjoy the planning! It should be a fun experience.

Canmore Wedding Planner

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