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Feb 26



I absolutely love the flowers at weddings and to see what the couples have picked out! Their a huge part of a wedding and so today I decided to feature a wonderful florist on my Feature Friday! I’ve had a few couples choose Best Buds Flower Co as their florist and so I wanted to have them featured. They have a huge variety to choose from for your special day and here are a few questions for todays feature!

1. How long has Best Buds Flower Co been in business and what made you want to become a florist?

12  Years total and I have owned the company for almost 10 years. My story is a bit more unusual. I had helped out one Valentine’s Day and when my sister was leaving      her job here to go to school. The ladies hired me to cover her position for a few months…well that turned into a few years and then I bought the shop right after they choose to go independent instead of a franchise. All of my design and skills have all been learnt on the job and through magazines and research.

2. How would you describe your design style?

Our design style here at Best Buds Flower Co ranges, we love doing soft romantic bouquets as well as more unique  & modern designs and organic as well.


3. Do you have any advice for brides to be, when it comes to selecting their florals for their wedding day?

I would always recommend to the Bride that we get exactly what she wants for her bouquet without compromising on the flowers. There are always ways to simplify other things to keep the bouquet what she wants. It will be in photos and she will look back and be happy she did.

4. Is there an average that brides should budget for, when allocating a budget for their wedding florals?

As each Bride/Groom are different have different tastes, it is so hard to give a budget the same for everyone. In most cases wedding party florals are $600-$900. However, if you have a large wedding party it will get higher. Some people for centrepiece choose to buy Bulk flowers and others want us to design them, so again, a large range. We like to ask people their budget so that we can recommend things and ideas to keep things to their budget.


5. If you had to choose an arrangement for your own bouquet, which florals would you choose?​

My favourites are always rich tones and unusual flowers. I think I would have to say the deep burgundy “hearts” roses and gloriosa lilies along with purple cymbidium orchids and privett berries to bring in the depth of colour.

6. And lastly, I’ve heard brides mention that it’s a shame that some flowers will only last for one day, How do you respond to that?

We do hear that quite a bit, however, when dealing with artificial silk flowers often you do not get the same real colour and life that the fresh flowers bring to the wedding. While fresh flowers are not for everyone, often people do not realize that some silk blooms can be more expensive than fresh flowers.



If you want to chat with Kimberly at Best Buds Flower Co about all your flower needs, please use the links below:

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