Sunrise Winery|Grassini Family Vineyard |Edmonton Wedding Photographer

Apr 8

This was definitely my favourite shoot I went on in Cali! Our alarm went off at 445am and I have to say it was definitely a struggle to get ourselves out of bed. This shoot was full and we weren’t supposed to go on it but we decided to try and see if some people had slept in on it. We were in the lobby by 5:15 am with high hopes we would make it on. Montana Dennis was hosting the shoot and he didn’t see a problem with fitting a few more people on it (yes!!) It was an hour drive through the beautiful countryside of Cali, to reach the Santa Ynez Valley. This styled shoot with the amazing Tori and Brett was at Grassini Family Vineyard. We stopped just outside the vineyard and Montana Dennis wanted to capture the sunrise. With 34 other photographers we shot Brett and Tori on the road (definitely running off the road now and then for cars lol) It was amazing to learn from Montana Dennis and watch him work. He is an inspiration to me and many other photographers that were there that day. His website is posted below for you to check out! We entered the winery and took some more photos throughout the winery. Just before the shoot ended, Montana led us up a hill to take some photos overlooking the winery. This took my breath away! The clouds were rolling in and gave off an amazing effect! I hope everyone enjoys the photos! Loved this!!!           ERINSWEETPHOTOGRAPHY_CaliWineryShoot003ERINSWEETPHOTOGRAPHY_CaliWineryShoot007ERINSWEETPHOTOGRAPHY_CaliWineryShoot008ERINSWEETPHOTOGRAPHY_CaliWineryShoot010ERINSWEETPHOTOGRAPHY_CaliWineryShoot014ERINSWEETPHOTOGRAPHY_CaliWineryShoot016ERINSWEETPHOTOGRAPHY_CaliWineryShoot018ERINSWEETPHOTOGRAPHY_CaliWineryShoot020ERINSWEETPHOTOGRAPHY_CaliWineryShoot027ERINSWEETPHOTOGRAPHY_CaliWineryShoot029ERINSWEETPHOTOGRAPHY_CaliWineryShoot032ERINSWEETPHOTOGRAPHY_CaliWineryShoot034ERINSWEETPHOTOGRAPHY_CaliWineryShoot037ERINSWEETPHOTOGRAPHY_CaliWineryShoot038ERINSWEETPHOTOGRAPHY_CaliWineryShoot039ERINSWEETPHOTOGRAPHY_CaliWineryShoot041


Montana showing us how he would pose them!


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