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Apr 8


I have been a bit delayed in the blogging department because I had the worst wifi while away in Australia and New Zealand! I am so excited to be back and blogging again. I met Kandis last summer at Jen and Andrew’s wedding. I had so much fun working with them at the wedding and they made an amazing video! To see the video click here!  They are based in the Okanagan but travel to Alberta to shoot weddings as well. A huge congrats to Kandis and Shawn who are getting married in Cabo at the end of April!

1. Tell us a little about about Full Circle Productions and how you two got started. 

We are a small video production company specializing in making beautiful wedding films for couples all over the planet. Jeff and I are a couple of soulful free-spirits living and loving in the beautiful Okanagan.  We became friends 7 years ago through mutual friends. We have been through a lot together and share this similar passion as one them.  Between us, we have 2 diplomas in video production from SAIT (Calgary) and the Centre for Arts and Technology (Kelowna).  We have been working together for a couple years now and make the dream team.  

2. Tell us what you love about creating a wedding video?

There is no happier time in someones life than their wedding day. And we get to be apart of this magical time and have the creative freedom to document it.  This is a special gift that people will watch forever, and that is pretty darn cool.  We simply LOVE what we do and are pumped for each new project.  


3. How long does it take you to edit a wedding video? 

Depending on the length the couple decides on, it can range from 2-8 weeks (a regular work week) . Editing is a huge work load. Finding the perfect songs, importing, organizing and labeling footage, syncing the audio from the speeches and vows and watching hours of footage.  That is just the beginning.  Laying down the clips in a creative cinematic manner takes time as well.  There is audio editing, color correcting/grading as well as effects. 

4. Is wedding videography expensive? Can you share some insights on the costs of making a wedding video? 

A wedding video is a definite investment.  We have a craft that is quite unique.  Some people think if they just throw a camera on a tripod and hit record, that they too can make a beautiful film.  It’s just not that easy.  There are countless man hours that go into planning, research and organizing (and, of course that creative spontaneity). This simply cannot be done by an inexperienced person with a nice camera. We have the experience in using our top of the line equipment (sliders, glide cams, drone, GoPro, lighting, microphones etc.) and in developing strategic schedules for the wedding day.   From creative shots we want a whole scene already planned for editing. We have invested in close to $20,000 in gear and software (and that continues to grow as the technology grows). We run our butts off from the very moment we arrive until 10-12 hours later with only a few minutes in between to eat.  Also, we mostly travel to other locations so the cost can get pretty high. The fuel and mileage as well as the 1-2 nights stay required.  And, of course the cost of copyright free music and the long editing process that takes up all of our days and nights. I believe our price is more than fair 🙂

5. Lastly, How would you describe your production style (documentary, cinematic, vintage)? Is your shooting approach direct or more journalistic?
We have multiple styles. A sweet and romantic cinematic film shot only on tripods, sliders and guide-cams; a retro music video short handheld with creative camera moves or a fun and quirky story including the whole wedding party. We film and edit to reflect whatever personality our couple portrays. Our videos stay candid and organic with usually a short creative shoot with just the bride and groom. No acting required. Each new projects is different and exciting and we never know what to expect the day of, which usually makes for a great film. We keep it fun and professional and are stealth like pumas staying just out of the way.  We are respectful and friendly with everyone involved. Jeff and I continually collect the very best in equipment and learn new techniques.  We bring a fresh approach to wedding videos and bring our talents and expertise to the table making Full Circle Productions.


If you want to chat with Kandis or Jeff at Full Circle Productions about getting an amazing wedding videography, please use the links below:

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