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Feature Friday: Anika Loewen Design

Feb 5

Wow! I am so excited to be posting this particular blog post today! I decided I wanted to do a Feature Friday and feature different wedding vendors and creatives. I thought this would be a great way for future couples to learn about different vendors in the Edmonton area. I was thrilled when Anika was up for it. I’ve always loved seeing couples invitations, save the dates, and seeing how they go about designing them! Anika runs a wedding stationery design boutique and is a graphic designer as well. She helps couples choose all the details for their wedding stationary and helps them bring their ideas to life. I love her designs and i’m excited for you all to learn more about her too!
1. Tell us a little about Anika Loewen Design?
Anika Loewen Design started as a freelance graphic design business that catered to start up businesses needing graphic design solutions as well as basic website services. I am a registered member of the Graphic Designers of Canada (GDC), and am currently in the process of attaining my certification. As a graphic designer, I have had the opportunity to work in a variety of corporate and small business settings, including a print shop that specializes in large format printing. This print shop experience really sparked my love of working with paper, fabric, vinyl and ink.
Over the past few years my business has expended to include print work for weddings, and I really enjoy learning how my work fits with other vendors’ work to make each couple’s special day unique!
2. Do you have different examples to show your clients to help when they are choosing? 
Like many things in the wedding world, couples tend to have very little experience with print and design work, and can be easily overwhelmed with the options available to them. I spend a good deal of time helping my clients to understand the differences in texture/finishing and production methods of different stationery styles and how these elements affect the cost and production time. I carry many samples, both design and product, to help the client narrow down the look and feel that they are hoping to achieve with their stationery.
3. Do you specialize in a specific style or theme?
I love the challenge of thinking outside of my style “box”, but I generally tend to gravitate towards the soft and flowery, or a blend between traditional and modern. 
4. How did you get started in doing a wedding stationery design boutique?
A few years ago a good friend of mine asked me to create her wedding stationery. From that point on, I was hooked. I loved the excitement (and the ability to showcase my girlie-ness) that surrounded this “wedding world” and I decided that I wanted to see if I could make it work.
I have since become active in the Edmonton wedding scene. I love making new connections with other local vendors. Early in the fall of 2015 I decided to separate the general graphic design side of my business from the wedding stationery side, and have them both stand as their own identities. So, was born. My clients have the option of choosing a design from my existing design collection and well as the opportunity to create a completely customized stationery pieces.
5. Do you specialize in anything else? like Calligraphy for ex? 
*chuckles* I would absolutely love to learn how to do Calligraphy! I do specialize in wedding signage, however! 
6. What is your favourite thing to design out of everything you do?
Every design job has its own challenges and solutions, but my favourite kind of job is where I can take a concept and carry it through to multiple design pieces. I think that may be one of the biggest reasons why wedding stationery really works for me!

To see more of Anika’s stunning work or to get in touch, find her links below…

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Feature Friday: Anika Loewen Design
Photos by FoPhotography and Anika Loewan

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